6 Ways Weddings Are Embracing Change

In recent times, weddings have been coming along with different gorgeous trends. From creative décors to informal wedding dresses, there’s so much 2021 is offering!

It is indeed a welcome surprise, and we love it every step of the way. To keep you abreast with recent sensations, here are some trends that might interest you!


6 Ways Weddings Are Embracing Change 

  • Second Groom’s Outfit

We’ve seen most brides having a second dress. Well, grooms have fallen in line too, and like the brides, they go for a casual second outfit, sometimes without the jacket or a change in ties.


  • Colored Suits

Grooms’ suits are becoming colorful, tilting away from the conventional black or navy blue and donning more colorful pieces like maroon and even pink.


  • Small Weddings

Weddings are becoming even more intimate (maybe due to COVID-19, and people are embracing the trend), and loved ones are participating through social media platforms’ live streams.

Also, it gives room for creative themes, such as rustic, whimsical, etc.. And there’s an experience with food creativity as couples can afford to try new foods and organize lavishly with fewer guests than a larger audience.


  • Carryover Celebrations

Guests like to dance till their feet hurt, and couples make sure to satisfy their guests by hosting wedding parties after the wedding ceremonies, usually in different locations from the ceremonies’ venues—a time for all the real fun and happiness.



  • Colors

Décors are becoming quite colorful and creative, with brilliant lighting, greenery for the tablescape, and florals that serve almost all purposes. You’ll see them used in backdrops, hair crowns, the aisle, arch lining, etc.


  • Save-The-Earth

Wedding planners and companies are coming up with ideas that cut down on unnecessary wastes and employing eco-friendly ways. They now encourage the use of farm and barn venues, foods directly from the farms, chalkboards for a photo booth, acrylic signage, swapping plastic straws for paper straws, etc.


When it comes to your wedding, Stonebrook Manor understands that you deserve every excellence you dream of, and we will be excited to be a part of making your dreams come to life by hosting it in an amazing venue! Contact us now.



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