6 Wedding Etiquettes You Should Know

Your wedding is one of the unique celebrations of your life. Yet there are many traditions and etiquette attached to weddings, and these traditions will never go out of fashion, even though some weddings in recent times do not observe them. Nonetheless, you should know a few of these wedding etiquettes.


6 Wedding Etiquettes You Should Know


  • Wear White

The conventional white wedding dress suggests purity. Proper etiquette proposes that you only go with a white gown if you have not been married before.


  • You Can Ask For Cash Gifts

As much as it sounds awkward, it is totally acceptable and quite popular among couples to request cash contributions instead of, or in addition to, traditional presents at your wedding.


  • Seating Plan

The correct seating arrangement is for the bride’s family to sit on the aisle’s left while the groom sits on the right. Otherwise, in recent times, people have been sentimental with the notion of families uniting to become one. So with public ceremonies, there is often an open seating plan where guests pick a seat.


  • Down The Aisle

The father of the bride naturally walks her down the aisle. However, some couples prefer to choose someone more special in their lives or even walk alone.


  • Send ‘Thank-you’ Cards

Sending out thank-you cards is compulsory when it comes to following proper wedding etiquette. The common principle is to send out your thank-yous within three months of your wedding.

Some couples begin writing thank-you notes for the gifts they receive before their wedding, so it doesn’t accumulate and become overwhelming.


  • An Adults-only Wedding Isn’t Rude

A wedding for just adults isn’t out of place, and you should do it if you want it. Guests are always quick to assume and automatically invite kids.

However, if you’re having a wedding and prefer no kids at your venue, be sure to inform the families it may affect before inviting them, so they can get a babysitter.


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