7 Great Tips For A Wedding In The Summer

Summer is one of the favorite times to have a wedding. It’s a season that often comes with relaxation and fun; warmer and longer days and more comfortable and lighter clothes. Summer is also when hair stays the way you style it, with plenty of holidays and family vacations. The list is endless!

There’s no doubt your big day will be exciting for you and your guests. However, there are fun ideas you may add to your summer wedding to accentuate the fun!


7 Great Tips For A Wedding In The Summer


  • Use Favors That Will Complement The Season

Giving your guests favors that will complement the season, such as sunglasses, beach bags, etc., is an excellent way to go.


  • Use Cushioned Seats

Metallic chairs can become hot, especially if your event is an outdoor event. Even plastics sometimes get hot from heat. Be sure to use cushion chairs to keep your guests comfortable through the ceremony.


  • Get A Live Band

A live band goes with an outdoor event because it gives that festive spirit your ceremony deserves.


  • Serve Chilled Drinks

You can use cooling buckets to keep drinks cool before serving them. Your guests will need something chill to sip on for the warm day.


  • Select Light Clothes For Everyone

Your wedding dress, the groom’s tuxedo, and bridesmaids’ dresses should be made of lighter fabrics to avoid sweating, especially for picture purposes.


  • Chignon or Ponytails

Hairstyles of length will not fare well in the summer, as the humidity may cause them to always stick to your skin, which is uncomfortable.

Have your hairstylist give you a tight ponytail or chignon or any style that will take the strand off your face and neck to take you through the day.


  • Go With A Bit of Shade

Summer weather is great, but no one wants to sit all out in the sun during a ceremony. Employing a space with a bit of shade will make it easier and better for everyone.

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