7 Important Things for The Week of Your Wedding

The 7 days before your wedding is bound to be full of hustle and bustle. You might think that you are ready, but there are still some little things that are quite easy to do, that you might end up forgetting. To avoid that, here is a list from us here at Stonebrook Manor of 7 important things that you should do the week leading up to your wedding.


7 Important Things for The Week of Your Wedding

  • Call All Your Vendors

Call to confirm and reconfirm every arrangement that you have. Let the caterer have the final headcount of people including vendors like your photographers and DJs or band members who will expect a meal. Let the location manager have a list of vendor requests like a table for the DJ. Confirm time for setup from the ceremony and reception site managers and also confirm from your transportation crew, pick up times and locations.

  • Designate Various Point People

You can’t be receiving a call from your caterer while having your make up done. Write checks to trusted people like your parents to sort out any final balances after your reception. Your day coordinator should be introduced to everyone to handle all questions and emergencies as they arise.

  • Pack Properly

This is going to be happening only once in your relationship so you don’t want to find out that you’ve forgotten something important. It does not matter whether you will be marrying in your backyard or just down the street. Have everything you’ll need properly packed for easy access.

  • Schedule Beauty Appointments

A manicure and pedicure, waxing, massage, blowout, and facials are great for both the bride and groom this week. Any experimental beauty treatments should have been done months in advance in case they don’t turn out as expected.

  • Arrange Help for Guests

Show your love for your elderly or ill guests who are coming by arranging proper transportation to and from your event for them. A comfortable place to stay would not be amiss too. Family members or friends can help with the pickups and drop-offs.

  • Hand These Items Off

The marriage license should go to your officiant. Present your parents with gifts. The wedding bands should go to the best man and maid of honor to hold during the ceremony. The officiant’s fee should be handed to your best man too for after the ceremony. Give the place cards, table cards, menus, favors, and other setting items to the reception site manager.

  • Have Your Wedding Attire Ready

Have your wedding dress steamed and stored in a garment bag till the day of the wedding to avoid wrinkles. An attendant should pick up the groom and groomsmen’s tuxes.

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