7 Wedding Lounge Ideas

A wedding lounge is great for any wedding. While it makes room for your guests to interact with each other while taking a break from the celebration, it is also a way to customize your wedding.

No matter how fun your DJ makes your wedding, some of your guests (especially the older ones) would like to take breaks at intervals.

A wedding lounge is another opportunity to customize your wedding because it creates room for you to play around with decor items that reflect your style. Some ideas for a wedding reception lounge are discussed here.


7 Wedding Lounge Ideas


  • A Boho Vibe

Use rattan lounge décor. Rattan furniture can create a boho vibe, especially if you’re using a bohemian reception. Add a rug to complement the furniture and give a cohesive and complete Bohemian feel.


  • A Romantic Vibe

Create a romantic vibe with your lounge by having a greenery backdrop behind a red velvet couch. Add a few roses and some candles to make for decorations. You may top it with throw pillows and a coffee table too!


  • A Western Vibe

Complement your western wedding by creating a lounge with leather seats, hide rugs, and a wooden couch. And add a little touch of rusty arrangements to the aesthetic.


  • A Patterned Vibe

Your lounge area can use a dynamic look. Design the space by mixing furniture of different patterns – cushion and throw pillows. For a cohesive look, ensure that prints share similar colors.


  • A Vacation Vibe

Adirondack cushions and chairs are fantastic furniture ideas for a beach and vacation vibe. You may also add Tiki torches to keep bugs at bay, enhance the aesthetic, and serve as a unique finishing touch.


  • A Homely Vibe

Create a homely lounge with a personal aesthetic by looking to your home furniture for inspiration. For example, go for an outdoor living room look featuring a wooden coffee table and upholstered armchairs.


  • A Modern And Rustic Vibe

Emerald sofas placed in the same space as wooden farm tables are a perfect combination for a modern and rustic vibe. Also, an addition of lux velvet fabrics would be an excellent central point for the two aesthetics.

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