9 Cute Ways to Make Your Pet A Part Of Your Wedding

It’s always an “aww” moment when a dog walks down the aisle as part of the bridal procession. Even cuter are the ones who don either a lovely princess dress or a manly suit! It’s always a picture-perfect moment and automatically sets the mood for fun.

Pets are integral parts of families and should be included in wedding plans. It is, of course, optional, especially if your pet has aggressive tendencies around strangers.

But if you’re not sure about including your pet as a part of your wedding celebration, these cute ideas may inspire you!


9 Cute Ways to Make Your Pet A Part Of Your Wedding


  • Involve Them In The Processional

Your pet is a part of the intimate family, and it should feel like it. Have them walk with you down the aisle.


  • Have Them Dress The Part

It mustn’t be a full suit with shoes and a tie. A simple bow tie or a colorful ribbon will do the trick.


  • Give Them A Seat

Please keep your pet in the festive spirit by assigning a special seat to them at the ceremony. Be sure to keep them close enough, so they feel included.


  • Let Them Bear The Rings

Having your pet hold your wedding bands is a cute way to include them at your wedding. How? You may attach a ribbon to a tiny box and hang it around their neck. It’s more fun and safer if they’re obedient.


  • Keep Them By The Groom

Let them have space by the groom, at the altar, while they wait for the walk down the aisle.


  • Address Them

Addressing your pet either at the moment of exchange of vows or playing a tune that suits them is a fantastic way to incorporate them into your ceremony.


  • As Your Cake Toppers

Have a carved image or an icing made in your pet’s shape placed above your wedding cake. It also makes a part of a great wedding picture.


  • Add Them To your Décor

You may add their pictures at specific places, or printed on a few weddings of your favor, especially if they won’t be attending the wedding.


  • Take Great Pictures

Pictures are great for you and your pet. If you feel they won’t cause a bother around your wedding guests, you may take them with you for a photo session after the engagement.

However, if they will be attending the wedding, then there’s plenty of room for incredible pictures with your pet.


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