Adorably Fun Ideas for Your Big Day in Denver

Nothing beats a good wedding – and, as people who’ve helped hosting hundreds of them, we know this better than anyone.

We also know that beyond all the wedding color schemes and trends, weddings truly come down to one secret, magical element: fun.

The more fun your guests will have, the better you will fee, and the most positive you will feel about your memories of your Denver wedding.

What are some adorably fun Denver wedding ideas you can definitely incorporate into your Big Day? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

Adorably Fun Ideas for Your Big Day in Denver

  • Ribbon wands. Not very sure about confetti, rice, flower petals, or anything in between? Why not add a dash of magic to your wedding ceremony by asking guests to wave ribbon wands as you make your grand exit? They are less messy, but so childish and fun to play with! Oh, and they look pretty amazing in the photos too!
  • Toss the garter… and something else. If you want to add just a touch of personality to your garter toss, why not wrap it around a ball – such as one that represents your spouse’s favorite sport, for example? Tossing this for the big moment will be quite fun!
  • Use the daily newspaper for your wedding rings photo. This might sound silly, but many years from now, that newspaper will add a really nice touch to your wedding photos – a historical mark, if you may.
  • Instead of wedding favors, why not give guests a hangover kit? It could include some Advil pills, Alka-Seitzer, gum, hair tie, and maybe even a nice snack that is known to help in such dreadful situations (e.g. dates, for example).
  • Give your bridesmaids quirky handkerchiefs embroidered with a funny message (such as “No Ugly Crying”, for example). It’s not something huge, but it is bound to make them smile – and we all know bridesmaids and groomsmen are the heart of your big party, so you definitely want to make them feel excellent on the Big Day. The more they smile, the better your guests will feel!


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