Alternative Wedding Receptions You Should Consider

Weddings can be about anything and can be celebrated in many ways. Many options are available to you, from intimate elopement to drive-by parades and family dinner styles.

Wedding receptions can be celebrated in different ways too. For example, couples don’t always have to do the usual sit-down dinner reception; they can explore much here.

Are you looking for ways or ideas to customize your reception? Here are some of the alternative forms of wedding receptions you should consider!


Alternative Wedding Receptions You Should Consider


  • Dessert Reception

Weddings should reflect your personalities as a couple. Whether it’s the music, decor, dance, or food, there will always be unique ways to incorporate your taste into the aspects of your wedding.

For example, if you and your spouse are a ‘dessert couple,’ use that as a reception alternative. But you’ll need to inform your guests ahead of time not to attend your wedding on an empty stomach.

Select your favorite sweets. And if it’s a nighttime ceremony, follow up with a variety of dessert-style cocktails and a dessert bar.


  • Brunch Reception

A brunch reception can be used if you’re not a couple interested in the typical type of wedding reception. Instead, you may tell your guests to join you within the hours of 11 am to 2 pm.

Brunch options like mimosas and French toast are great options here. A brunch reception is also a less formal option than the usual nighttime celebrations.


  • Cocktail Night

Appetizers and drinks will keep your guests mingling. Food stations are perfect options too. Offer your guests baked potato or macaroni bars to help themselves with whenever they feel hungry.


No matter the type of reception you would want for your wedding, you need an extraordinary venue to provide you with the exceptional features that your wedding deserves!

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