Are Holiday Weddings A No-No?

The holiday season from Thanksgiving until the start of the New Year is typically busy with work parties, family gatherings and lots of other festivities. We at Stonebrook Manor do not think that it is bad to hold your wedding during the holiday season and here’s why.

Are Holiday Weddings A No-No?

  • The Party Mood

With all the decorations on display and the yummy home-cooked meals, a holiday wedding is sure to catch everyone in a jovial party mood ensuring that your ceremony will be super festive.

  • Days Off

Depending on when you fix your wedding, the corporate holiday is usually already in the calendar so your guests don’t have to take days off just for your event. Those from out of town can also travel to your events and back.

  • People Will Be Around

People tend to travel home for the holidays to spend time with family and friends so if you are holding your wedding ceremony in your hometown, there’s a high chance of your friends from growing up being around to grace the event.

  • You Won’t Forget Your Anniversary

We are not suggesting that you would otherwise, but holding your wedding on a popular date will help you remember your anniversary more easily. As the said date and it’s festivities come around every year, you’ll be sure to remember in time to plan an anniversary dinner and get gifts.

  • Holiday Fashion

This also goes with the already festive mood of the season. Your guests are sure to show up festively dressed in your event because they are already in the party mood which means all your pictures from the event will be beautiful and appreciated.

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