Big Wedding vs. Courthouse Wedding

Wedding planning can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can be tempting to skip all the hassle and just have a no-frills courthouse wedding. Big weddings aren’t for everybody, nor are courthouse weddings. Before deciding on the scale of your wedding, it is important to give careful consideration to what you really want.

Think Big

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of a big wedding. An amazing venue overflowing with flowers, a multi-tiered cake, hundreds of guests, and all the rest. A large wedding can be an amazing event you will remember forever. It’s also one of those rare events that can reunite scattered families and bring diverse groups of people together to celebrate a special event.

But big weddings are also very expensive. They take a lot of time and planning, and the stress of planning a wedding can take its toll on even the strongest couple. At their worst, big weddings are fraught with expectations and the possibility of things going wrong.

Considering the Courthouse

At the opposite end of the wedding spectrum is the simple courthouse wedding, either just the two of you or witnessed by a few close friends. Courthouse weddings are quick and inexpensive. They also avoid the large family get-together that can come with all the wrong kind of drama.

Courthouse weddings are intimate. Despite their reputation of being chosen primarily for expediency, they can be very romantic for some couples. On the other hand, courthouse weddings can also feel impersonal and can be immensely disappointing for a woman who always dreamed of a fairy-tale wedding. Is the benefit of saving time and money really worth years of regret?

Careful Compromise

The good news is that big weddings and courthouse weddings are at opposite extremes of the many possibilities for a wedding.

Couples sometimes choose a courthouse wedding because they think they can’t afford a more traditional wedding. However, there are many ways to save money on a wedding. A summer wedding in a beautiful backyard with a potluck reception and a rented wedding dress can still feel like a very special occasion without putting a couple into debt. If you don’t know anybody with a large enough yard, consider renting a picnic shelter at a local park. Decide which elements of a “traditional” wedding really matter most to you and let yourself indulge in those, but let go of the rest.

If your main concern is getting married quickly, either for practical reasons or because you just can’t wait, you still aren’t limited to a courthouse wedding. With a little creativity, a small but personalized wedding can be planned quite quickly. Even a larger wedding can be arranged fairly quickly, although you may be limited in choice of venue and there will be less time for out-of-town guests to make arrangements.

If it is the stress of planning a big wedding that is leading you to consider giving it all up in favor of a courthouse wedding, consider hiring a wedding planner. A good wedding planner can save you time, money, and, most importantly, your sanity!

The Final Decision

Whether you already know what kind of wedding you want or you’re still weighing your options, Stonebrook Manor in north Denver can help you plan a wedding you’ll remember forever.

We can be creative to keep your dream wedding within your budget, and our wedding packages make the planning easy. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you have the wedding you could only dream of.

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