Why Do Couples Renew Their Vows?

For many couples, once is enough. Their wedding is a cherished memory, but they don’t feel the need to renew their vows. For others, vow-renewal ceremonies are a special opportunity to reinforce the bond between them and reaffirm the strength of their marriage. In fact, there are many reasons why couples choose to renew their vows.

First Wedding Wasn’t “Complete”

One reason couples decide to renew their vows is that they feel their first ceremony was lacking in some way. Maybe they were married in a legal ceremony, but now want to be renew their vows in a church. Or perhaps their first ceremony was spiritual only, but now they want to make it legal.

In some cases, couples chose a courthouse wedding the first time around, either to save money or for other reasons. They may always have planned to have a vow-renewal ceremony and reception at a later date, when they would be better able to plan a large (or small) party.

To Reaffirm their Commitment

Life can test even the strongest relationships. After a difficult stretch in their relationship or a challenging life event, couples may feel the desire to renew their vows. This could be in either a very small, personal ceremony or in front of all their friends, depending on the circumstances and the individual needs of the couple.

To Celebrate a Major Anniversary

Couples may choose to incorporate a vow-renewal ceremony into an anniversary celebration. Especially if they are already planning an anniversary party, why not incorporate a vow renewal? Or, renewing vows can be a romantic part of an anniversary trip (perhaps a late or second honeymoon).

Because They Want To

It isn’t necessary to have a specific reason. Some couples aren’t interested in renewing their vows, but for others, it just feels like a natural thing to do.

Whatever the reason, a strong marriage is something to celebrate. Vow-renewal ceremonies can be small and personal or the big party you didn’t have the first time around (or just want to relive). Stonebrook Manor in north Denver can help you plan a special event to meet your needs, from an intimate garden reception to a full-scale catered event with dancing and cake.

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