Daytime Weddings Can Be Really Successful!

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You really don’t have to plan an evening wedding if that’s not your thing. Daytime weddings can be just as fun and memorable as nighttime events – so why not plan your Big Day a bit earlier than most couples do?

Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect daytime wedding:

• Set your alarm clock at 6 am. Most daytime wedding ceremonies take place at around 11 am – so this means you will need a few hours to wake up, get ready, and get to the wedding ceremony site. Since cocktail hours are skipped in these situations, your wedding reception will most likely be over by 4 pm. The great news about this? You can spend the entire remainder of the day with your loved one, take a nap, go to the hotel spa, and simply relax. You deserve this!
• Serve a light plated luncheon or a brunch buffet, as you please. Both options are delicious and they will definitely satisfy the guests. Of course, you can serve drinks as well (but it is fairly correct to assume people won’t drink as much during the day as they would during an evening event). And yes, dancing and fun activities can be incorporated in a daytime wedding too!
• Your daytime wedding can be as casual or as formal as you want – but keep in mind that a daytime formal attire is not as fancy as an evening one. You can still wear a luxurious wedding dress, though!

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