Dealing With Uncomfortable Guests at a Wedding

One of a wedding planner’s key responsibilities is to ensure all guests feel comfortable and happy on the big day. You might wonder if you should watch out for this skill when booking a wedding planner; believe us when we say it is!

You might have to deal with difficult guests who may cause a ruckus or problems during the celebrations. So, it’s vital to have a professional ready to tend to them. Here are some tips on how your wedding planner can deal with uncomfortable guests on your wedding day!


Dealing With Uncomfortable Guests at a Wedding


  • They’ll Find the Source of the Problem

First and foremost, your wedding planner will identify the source of the problem. Is there something specific that is making the guest feel uncomfortable? If so, they’ll see if there is anything they can do to address the issue.


  • They’ll Make the Guests Feel Welcome

If the guest is simply difficult to please, a professional wedding planner will do their best to make them feel welcome and comfortable.

For example, they might offer them a drink, engage them in conversation, or do other things that might help them relax and enjoy the day.


  • They’ll ask the Guest to Leave

If the guest is causing problems or causing other guests to feel uncomfortable, the wedding planner may need to take more drastic measures.

In extreme cases, they might ask the guest to leave. Of course, this is the last resort, but it is sometimes necessary to maintain the comfort of all guests.


These are only a few of the many reasons why a professional wedding planner can help ensure all guests have a good time at your wedding – even the difficult ones!

We highly recommend you hire a planner to assist you. And, of course, we highly recommend you book a large, beautiful, and comfortable wedding venue! Remember, even the venue’s ambiance can alter or set your guest’s mood. So, the right wedding venue can put even the unruliest guests in a good mood!

Stonebrook Manor, Denver’s favorite wedding venue, is exactly the place to keep everyone happy! Our venue was built so couples like you could celebrate their dream wedding.

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