Don’t Forget to Plan These Wedding Expenses Too

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Weddings can be quite costly, and this is precisely why it is so important for you to plan your budget with a lot of attention to detail. Even so, there are still quite a lot of expenses that might elude you when you are just starting your wedding planning – and we have gathered some of the most important ones right below, so that you are fully prepared. Read on and find out more.

  • The non-floral décor. The table linens, the cushions on the chairs, the lighting, the vases you will put the flowers in – they rarely come for free (some may be offered by the venue, but it’s definitely important to ask beforehand). Be sure you take these into account when planning your budget for the Big Day!
  • Vendor meals. You don’t want to leave your day-of wedding vendors starving, so remember to add them to the final catering head count (and to your wedding budget plan as well).
  • Wedding gown “pluses”. You may have thought of a price for your wedding dress – but aside from that, you should also consider the extras – such as the undergarments, the shoes, the accessories, and even altering the dress to suit your style and body. These elements can really push your dress budget over the top, so it is really important to be realistic from the very beginning.
  • Overtime costs. Some of your wedding vendors will sign a contract for a very particular number of hours. Anything beyond that will be considered as “overtime” and it will be billed according to the contract. Read before you sign and include the potential overtime costs into your budget plan!


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