The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping

After the excitement of the proposal has worn off it is time to start one of the most important parts of planning a wedding, shopping for your dress!

Most people believe that dress shopping is easy. But the truth is it can be stressful and exhausting both emotionally and physically. Shopping for your wedding dress should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. But with thousands of wedding gowns to choose from and multiple bridal boutiques to visit it can quickly become overwhelming.

Here are a few Do’s to make your wedding dress shopping experience the best!

Prepare For The Day!

One thing that many Brides forget to do is Eat! You are so excited to find the perfect wedding dress that you forget to eat. Not having food in your stomach can cause you to feel faint, or just to become irritable and not be able to make the best decision on your gown. So eat a full breakfast, or simply grab a granola bar.

Do A Little Research

You want your wedding dress shopping experience to be easy and stress-free so one thing we recommend is to do a little research ahead of time. You don’t want to go into the boutiques with no idea of what you like so spend a little time on Pinterest researching wedding dresses or buy a bridal magazine. Doing so will give you an idea of the look you are attracted to or the overall feeling that you want your wedding to be. This will help your Bridal Stylist visually understand what you like and then be able to bring the perfect wedding dress to you.

Have An Open Mind

Doing some research ahead of time will help you understand what you like but make sure you don’t have your heart set on one thing. Once you start trying gowns on you may see that your vision changes, so make sure you come with an open mind. Trust you Bridal Stylist and openly communicate with her about your likes and dislikes. She will take all the information you offer, the good and the bad and be able to blend them all into one beautiful dress that is perfect for you!

Wear Proper Undergarments

I know this might sound crazy, like who wouldn’t wear undergarments when they go out shopping in public? But it is true! Shopping for your wedding dress is different from regular retail shopping. Most of the time will be spent with you and your Bridal Stylist in the dressing room together and yes, you will be in your undergarments so make sure to wear some!

Things Not To Do When Wedding Dress Shopping:

Unknown Budget

Prices for wedding dresses can range from $300 – $50,000, so you need to know how much you are will to spend before you hit the boutiques. You don’t want them to put you in a gown that is way over your budget because if you love it you can’t afford it you will be devastated.

Don’t Bring Too Many People

You may think that you want all of your family and friends to go shopping with you. The reality is sometimes you can bring too many people or just the wrong people. A good general rule of thumb is to bring 3-4 of your closest family and/or friends and that’s it! Dress shopping is overwhelming by itself without adding all of your bridesmaids, cousins and soon-to-be sisters-in-law. Less is more in this area, bring the ones that you value their opinion the most!

Don’t Show Up Without An Appointment

You want to make certain your dress shopping experience is enjoyable and memorable so don’t wing it! Make sure that you call the boutiques that you are interested in shopping at ahead of time to schedule an appointment. If the bridal boutique is booked when you arrive and you don’t have an appointment they will turn you away. Talk about ruining the experience!

Don’t Choose A Wedding Dress Just Because It’s Trendy

You know that fashion trends change from time to time and many of them are things that you may not want to look back on in twenty years. Keep this in mind when you are shopping for your wedding dress. If something is super trendy it may not be the perfect wedding dress for you. Take a moment to think about in ten years when you look at your pictures what do you want to see. Your wedding gown should be timeless so keep this in mind while you are shopping.

Don’t Make Impulse Buying Decisions

Sales at most bridal boutiques are final so do not make impulse purchases. If you have a doubt or feel a little uncertain speak to your Bridal Stylist and let her know that you need to think about it. Sharing your thoughts or uncertainties will make certain that you are choosing the perfect dress for your wedding day.

Shopping for your wedding dress is magical and emotional experience. Cherish the time you have, don’t stress about it and trust your Stylist. The perfect wedding dress can truly be yours!


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