Everyone Should Know These Wedding Ceremony Rules

It’s natural to want your wedding ceremony to be magically perfect – and while the flowers, the music, and the backdrop surely matter a lot, it is also important to make sure you follow some etiquette rules that will make everyone happy (including yourself).

What are the wedding ceremony rules all couples should know? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Everyone Should Know These Wedding Ceremony Rules

  • You don’t have to include everyone in the wedding, even if they’re a relatively close member of the family. It’s entirely your choice if you give all of your willing relatives the chance to do a reading or speak during the ceremony – you can assign them many other tasks (such as ushering the guests, making sure the VIP seats aren’t taken, etc.)
  • You don’t have to follow tradition word by word, especially if it makes you feel distressed. For instance, it’s completely understandable if you think your Ring Bearer is too young to bear the responsibility of two little (and easy to get lost!) rings on a pillow. So, it’s totally OK if he carries them in a box, or if the rings are tied to the pillow. Even more, it’s OK if he doesn’t actually carry the rings at all – he can carry something else, such as the unity candle.
  • You can definitely ask people not to take photos until after the ceremony. Let them know of your wish in the wedding programs, and ask ushers to remind guests of this when they enter the wedding ceremony site as well. We’re sure they will all respect your choice!

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