You Should Follow Etiquette for Your Engagement Party Too

Brides and grooms today may not be particularly fond of engagement party etiquette – but whether you like it or not, some of these rules absolutely need to be followed. After all, they are there to ensure everyone at your wedding has a great time and doesn’t get upset for any reason, right?

Your engagement party etiquette is just as essential as the wedding day one – so yes, there are some rules you might want to follow when it comes to this particular pre-wedding event as well. What are they? Read on and find out more.

Engagement Party Etiquette

  • Plan with the wedding in mind. You don’t have to coordinate your colors with those of your Big Day, but, in general, you should keep the engagement party more low-key than the actual wedding. So, if you know you will want an intimate and casual wedding, try not to go over the top with the engagement party.
  • The same principle applies for the guest list too. ALWAYS make sure the engagement party guests will be invited to the wedding too. Otherwise, some of them may think they’ve upset you – and you really don’t want that, right?
  • Last, but definitely not least, try to register for gifts. In most cases, engagement party gifts are not even compulsory in any way – but even so, there will be guests who might want to bring something. Offering a bridal registry to choose from will make their lives so much easier!

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