Gorgeous Wedding Cake Ideas for Fall

Your wedding cake will be a real centerpiece of your Big Day. Beyond the fact that everyone will be looking forward to getting a slice of that delicious dessert, your wedding cake is also a quintessential component of the wedding décor – and even more than that, a truly powerful symbol of the commitment you have just made to each other. Your guest will mingle around the cake throughout your reception admiring it until it’s finally served.

What are some gorgeous wedding cake ideas for fall, though? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

Gorgeous Wedding Cake Ideas for Fall

  • A small white cake with a beautiful arrangement of seasonal flowers. If you plan on having a smaller wedding, there’s absolutely no need to serve a multi-tiered wedding cake – you can serve one or two smaller cakes. Decorate them with seasonal flowers in abundance to create a sense of fall that guests will really love.
  • An ombre cake with deep red flowers. A cake with just a tint of fading color on the base tier will look fantastic on its own – but when you add fresh flower arrangements created with deep red blooms, you will raise your wedding cake to the state of art (a fall-inspired piece of art, for that matter)! It’s impossible not to love this kind of design for your wedding cake.
  • A black wedding cake. If you want to be really daring with your wedding cake, why not have it in black? Highlight it with vibrant fall-inspired colors and decorate it with green and red foliage to create a piece that pertains to fall as much as the layer of golden leaves pertains to it. This kind of wedding cake is bound to surprise everyone attending your Big Day!
  • A white minimalist wedding cake. How about a tall white cake decorated with just a couple of blooms in a seasonal color (such as yellow, red, or even purple)? If you aim to create a minimalist, yet ultra-elegant effect at your wedding, this kind of cake will be more than suitable.
  • Custom figurines. Personalization is very popular these days, and some couples are having custom figurines of themselves (and their pets too!) crafted and hand painted for the top of their cakes.  These figurines can be made from wood, fondant, or even 3D printed.

Gorgeous Wedding Cake Ideas for Fall

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