How Long Is a Wedding Reception?

A wedding reception is the centerpiece of many a couple’s special day. Brides and grooms have spent countless hours planning this important event.

Everything has been considered, from the food to the music, even down to the napkin folds. However, one thing that often escapes couples while planning is determining the length of the reception. Of course, there is no definite answer, but we have a few tips that will help.


How Long Is a Wedding Reception?


  • Consider the Time of Year

What time of year are you holding the wedding? If a couple decides to have their special day during the summer months, for example, then they would need to keep the reception time to a minimum. Why? Because everyone is outside enjoying themselves during these months.

So, why spend three or four hours inside when they could spend five minutes with the couple and then do something else?


  • Consider Who You’re Inviting

Secondly, who are you inviting to your wedding? If all your friends and family don’t mind staying over late into the night, you can set your reception much later than is the norm.


  • Consider the Type Of Wedding it Will Be

The final factor in play is the type of wedding you choose. Is it a formal black-tie event? If so, your guests will probably stay until the reception is over, no matter how long it takes.

But please keep in mind that any black-tie reception should be limited to two hours at most. But if it is a more informal affair, try to make the reception brief.


All things being equal, it is recommended that receptions don’t exceed three hours. This allows you to have a great time with your guests while dancing until your feet get sore!

We’ll tell you one last thing: your wedding is YOUR special day and should be limited to what you desire. But as wonderful as reception is, it won’t avail much if you don’t host it in a fantastic wedding venue!

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