How Many Bridesmaids Should You Have?

How Many Bridesmaids Should You Have?

Choosing your bridesmaids is an important milestone in the wedding planning process, there’s no doubt about that.

With the ever-changing etiquette, however, you might find that the doubts you have when it comes to your bridesmaids are not related to the importance of making the choice, but more to the numbers.

More specifically: should you have a small wedding party or a large one?

  • Etiquette states that the larger the wedding, the larger the bridal party. This makes quite a lot of sense, actually, since your bridesmaids are supposed to help you with your guests (e.g. guide them, entertain them with small talk, invite them to dance, and so on). So, if you have a lot of guests, you will most likely want to make sure that you will have a larger bridal party to help you out.
  • Your wedding party can help a lot before the wedding as well. For instance, if you have special things you want to add to the wedding (such as your own homemade cookies, for example), your besties can help with this.
  • Furthermore, a larger wedding party might be necessary when you have a large friend group as well – so it makes quite a lot of sense that you want to include all of your closest ones in your wedding party.
  • With so many benefits to a large wedding party, why do some people settle for smaller ones? Well, there are cases when this makes perfect sense as well. For instance, if your wedding will be small and intimate, a smaller wedding party will be more suitable.
  • Furthermore, if you don’t want to have to organize a lot of bridesmaids (and consequently make so many ladies happy with your choice of dresses for them, for example), a smaller wedding party will be better for you. It’s just far easier to maintain organization, peace, and quite when you don’t have to deal with 12 different ladies, each with her different set of concerns.

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