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How to Add a Pop of Color into Your Wedding Décor

Weddings are all about celebrating love, commitment and beauty – the beauty of your emotions, the beauty of your hopes, the beauty of your souls.  

Naturally, you want your entire wedding décor to mirror all this – but how do you add a pop of color into your décor to make sure it looks lively and stylish at the same time?  

How to Add a Pop of Color into Your Wedding Décor

  • The cake. Most wedding cakes are white, and they look pretty and classic that way. But what if you want your cake to be a bit more colorful? Well, thankfully, there are a lot of ways to achieve that – for example, you could opt for an ombre cake in your favorite color or top it off with fresh blooms in a color that compliments your color story 
  • Color up your ceremony. Want a wedding ceremony that looks playful and contemporary? You can use colored bunting or cloth streamers (any color combination you want) to hang by the chairs and mark the wedding aisle. It will look so pretty, and it will make you feel so energized! 
  • Table linens. Tired of white table linens, but not sure you want an explosion of color. Try layering a neutral table linen with a pop of color to create a look that is bold, but classic. This is an easy décor choice that will complement any wedding style, regardless of how casual or elegant you want it to be.  
  • Painting. Why not bring in a bit of modern art into your wedding? It will look sophisticated and bold and depending on how you incorporate the art it could set the tone for your reception. For example, if the piece is large enough you could use it as a back drop for escort cards or use it as a photo booth back drop. Whether you commission a piece or create it yourselves iis a unique touch that will add a personal note to your entire wedding! 
  • Flowers and stemware. If you want to keep your table décor minimal, you can still add pops of color here and there opt for colored glass wear for smaller nose gays. For larger flower arrangements aim for brightly colored blooms that compliment your color story.   


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