How to Avoid Food Allergy at a Buffet-Style Reception


Nobody attends weddings just for the sake of eating good food – but your menu can have a huge influence when it comes to how great your guests will feel at your wedding. And if you want everyone to really enjoy the food you serve them you will really have to make sure you learn how to avoid food allergies at a buffet-style reception. Here are some of the most important tips when it comes to this: 

  • Buffet-style dinners are the best option if you want to make sure none of your guests will suffer an allergic reaction to the food you serve. Because they will eat whatever they want from the buffet, they can also choose what foods not to put on their plates.
  • Even so, it is important that you inform your guests about the ingredients contained in the dishes on the table. Leaving notes of what each dish contains is a great way to be absolutely certain that your guests will avoid the foods they are allergic to.
  • To make it even easier for your guests to choose the foods they can eat, you can organize “stations” that group dishes according to the ingredients they don’t This way, having a “nut-free”, “seafood-free”, “lactose-free” and “gluten-free” station will be a great idea, especially since these are some of the most widespread ingredients people are allergic to. Here’s how you can handle guests with an allergic reaction to food.
  • It is also crucial that you make sure none of the dishes get “contaminated” with allergens from other types of foods. To avoid this from happening, remember to talk to your caterer about the way they handle the food. Also, avoid placing “allergenic” foods very close to the “non-allergenic” ones.

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