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How to Choose the Best Wedding Hair Accessories

Your wedding hairstyle is more than just a complement to the overall style you have chosen for the Big Day: it is a statement piece in its own right.

Of course, choosing the right hairdo to go with your dress, with your face, and with your overall style is really important. But have you considered the hair accessories you will wear?

Here are some of the best tips to help you make the right choice:

How to Choose the Best Wedding Hair Accessories

  • If you are the kind of bride who wants to feel like a princess walking down the aisle, you definitely need a tiara to complement your look. They are so romantic and so feminine that you can hardly resist them – and, incorporate the right way, they can work marvelously well with updos and with the hair left down as well.
  • Looking for a softer glam touch that resembles a tiara, but takes it down a notch? Bridal headbands are your best bet here. The embellished ones look really luxurious and elegant – and if you want to opt for something even more low-key, you can always go for a headband wrapped in a ribbon that matches either your hair color or any of the colors in your wedding color scheme.
  • Hair combs. Classy and sophisticated, hair combs have a great talent: they can completely transform the simplest updo with a simple touch! Hair combs can make a really simple bun look absolutely fabulous – and if you are searching for a more boho chic option that looks like a hair comb and ties into a nature-inspired wedding theme, you should definitely consider hair vines. Both of these look absolutely fantastic!
  • Slides and pins. If you didn’t know this already, hair slides have come back in fashion – and the bridal world did not “escape” the trend. A simple slide can be a sophisticated, chic touch to a very simple hairstyle (you can literally let your hair down in a sleek style and slip in a pearl bridal slide and it will look fabulous). If you want something that works better with updos, consider bridal hair pins: like slides, they are low-key, sweet, and really chic, so they will definitely complement a modern bride.


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