How To Choose The Right Wedding Officiant

Many a time, couples don’t consider choosing a wedding officiant until later in their wedding planning. But officiants are essential for wedding ceremonies. It is even easier now because they don’t necessarily need to be clergymen.

But knowing the information to relay to your wedding officiant is vital in choosing one. Here are some tips to help you choose the right officiant for your wedding!


How To Choose The Right Wedding Officiant


  • Meet The Officiant

After you’re done screening through your many options, the next step will be to meet them. Meetings are necessary even if the officiant is a religious leader who you’ve known for years.

However, with secular or civil officiants, you may need to have a more extended meeting. We say this because there’ll be some essential questions that you’ll need to ask.

It is also imperative that you determine the officiant’s personality and approach and know if they’ll be the type of person you can work with.


  • Communicate Your Needs Clearly

Many couples often say, “surprise us,” up until the officiant says something that doesn’t bode well with them. While a surprise can be exciting, you and your officiant must agree on certain specifics and outlines. You won’t want to start an argument in the middle of your wedding ceremony.


  • Entertain Questions From Your Officiant

It is necessary to entertain questions from your wedding officiant. Your officiant deserves to know you as a couple and on equal individual terms. Someone whose job is to unite you with your partner should know you enough to recollect your stories.


Finding the right wedding officiant is as necessary as finding the right venue for your wedding. Stonebrook Manor has picturesque views for the perfect wedding! We are sure to meet your venue concerns and, in turn, create the right scenery for your big day. Click here to contact us!

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