How To Create A Lounge Area For Your Wedding

Creating a lounge area is one way to make your wedding reception more fun and interactive! This gives guests a place to mingle and relax and can be decorated to match your wedding theme. Here are some tips on creating the perfect lounge area for your big day!


How To Create A Lounge Area For Your Wedding


  • Pick A Location That’s Central but Out of The Way

You don’t want your lounge area to be in the middle of all the action, but you also don’t want it to be too far removed from the festivities. A good spot would be near the dance floor or bar area.


  • Make Sure There’s Plenty of Seating

Couches, chairs, bean bags, and floor cushions are great options. Of course, you’ll want to have a mix of seating so that guests can choose how they want to relax.


  • Add Some Fun and Festive Décor

This is your chance to get creative! String up some lights, hang some tapestries, and add some greenery. Make sure the overall look is cohesive with your wedding theme.


  • Set Out Some Snacks and Drinks

Guests will appreciate having something to nibble on while they’re lounging around. Set out a few bowls of chips or pretzels and a few bottles of water or soda. You could also provide a selection of wine and beer for guests who want something stronger.


  • Provide Entertainment

Provide some entertainment options if you really want to make your lounge area a hit. This could be anything from a pool table to a giant Jenga set. Just make sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy!


Creating a lounge area at your wedding reception is a great way to add extra fun and excitement to the festivities. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to create the perfect space for your guests to relax and mingle!

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