How To Create a Restroom Amenities Basket

The amenities you provide at your wedding are something your guests will always appreciate. While you and your event planner work on making your wedding perfect with a wedding theme, go the extra mile and make it a little more fun for your guests. The bathroom amenities basket has become popular at weddings over the last few years.

Usually, the box is placed at your reception venue. It is filled with first aid items, toiletries, and other bathroom products. Anything in the basket must be able to help your guests with any bathroom emergency they may have. There are some must-have items to include in your wedding bathroom amenities kit, and we’ve listed them out below.


How To Create a Restroom Amenities Basket


  • A bandaid
  • Some blister plasters
  • Tissues
  • Sanitary pads
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sunscreen (for outdoor weddings)
  • Cough drops


You can add any other thing you think your guests might need and other treats depending on your budget, like perfume, aftershave, or lollipops. So how do you create a wedding bathroom basket?


  • Use a basket with a pretty design to put all the necessary items for your guests. Make sure your wedding basket is not too small or too big for your bathroom amenities. Look for a suitable basket size once you are sure you know all you want to put inside. Also, consider if your wedding venue has space for the bathroom kit.


  • It would help if you created baskets for different genders. In addition, you can add items and omit items like sanitary pads for the kits in your wedding venue bathrooms.


  • If you have small children attending, don’t put any drugs in the bathroom basket to avoid accidents and unprescribed drug intake. You can keep the drugs for the adults at your wedding; leave a little note telling them where to get the drugs.


  • The items in your wedding bathroom kit must not be fancy or expensive. Free sampling products and supermarket products are excellent.


You can ask your event planner, a bridesmaid, or your family member who will help you arrange your bathroom kit. After all that, remember that these baskets won’t avail much if you don’t celebrate the wedding somewhere worthwhile. So, secure the services of Stonebrook Manor, and you’re guaranteed a most beautiful wedding!

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