How to Create the Perfect Guest List

Planning a wedding has never been actually easy – especially when you want everything to be flawless. Of course, you should definitely dream up your wedding and think of the details that will make this event feel actually special for you – but before you do that, you should first learn to tackle some of the less fun, but definitely crucial elements.

Such as your guest list, for example. Frequently a source of stress for a lot of couples planning their wedding, the guest list can feel like a real chore. Therefore, it is very important to know how to approach the subject from the very beginning.

How to create the perfect guest list? Here are some tips:

How to Create the Perfect Guest List

  • If your parents are involved in the wedding planning (and even more so, if they are involved financially), you should make your expectations clear from the very first day and talk to them if you don’t want them to invite too many of their own friends and relatives that aren’t very close to you. It might be an awkward discussion, but it is important to have it now, rather than face this issue later on in the planning process.
  • Establish some ground rules as to who can and who cannot be included on the list. For instance, if you haven’t seen a person in more than two years, you might not want to invite them. If they are a co-worker you haven’t spent time out of office with, you might not want to invite them either. These are just examples – you set your own rules here, but whatever it is, you should both abide to the rules you discuss.
  • Create a secondary list. If you want to make sure you will reach a certain number of guests, create two separate lists. If some of the people on the first list cannot attend the wedding, you can move on to the next list and send invitations to them. If you want to do this though, be sure the first round of invitations goes out sooner than normally, so that you have plenty of time to collect the RSVPs and send the second round of invitations.


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