How to Create Unique Rose-Based Flower Arrangements for Your Wedding

How to Create Unique Rose-Based Flower Arrangements for Your Wedding

When planning to decorate the venue for your wedding, picking the right flowers will be important.  Some people tend to think that roses are a bit passé when it comes to weddings. However, roses remain one of the single most popular wedding bloom in history – and you have a million reasons to choose them, from looks to wide availability.

How to make sure your rose arrangements are not cliché or passé in any way?  Read on and find out more.

  • Small arrangements. You can always go over the top with roses and they will still look amazing. However, if you want to keep things trendy and stylish, focus on creating smaller arrangements. They can be short and sweet, or they can include one rose stem per vase or recipient. Either way, doing this will create a very well-balanced, beautiful look for your entire wedding.
  • There’s something magical about lanterns – and when you combine them with roses, you can create something that is so romantic nobody will be able to resist it. Placing roses inside of empty lanterns is one of the best ideas ever – it’s so vintage, so romantic, so sweet that you cannot resist it.
  • How about skipping the classic centerpieces altogether? Using your favorite type of rose, in your favorite color, and some greenery, you can create something that looks more than refreshing and pretty. This type of arrangement tends to work better with vintage and outdoor wedding themes.
  • If you want to bring just a touch of a fairy-tale like wedding into your Big Day, use glass cloches to cover your rose centerpieces. It can look so Beauty and the Beast-esque and pretty that everyone at your wedding will love it!
  • Wild Boho. Combine roses with greenery and other small flowers (mostly wildflowers) in arrangements that are wild and apparently unpolished. This is the perfect rose-based centerpiece for a rustic chic wedding of any kind, really – it looks wild and beautiful and it adds a very strong nuance of uniqueness to your entire wedding décor!

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