How to Keep Your Dog Ring Bearer from Running Away with Your Rings


Your wedding is such a special moment in your life that you will want everyone you care about to be there for you – and this includes both people and pets as well. If you have decided to have your dog be your ring bearer, you should first make sure to have the dog-ring bearer ring holder and train him well for the task.

How to keep your dog ring bearer from running away with your rings, though? And how to train your dog to be a ring bearer? Here are some tips on dog ring bearer ideas:

  • Make sure your pup is properly worked out before the wedding. Assign one of the groomsmen or bridesmaids to take the dog out and run around with him a bit, but please make sure this is a person he is well-acquainted with. Otherwise, he may get nervous.
  • Furthermore, make sure you don’t leave the rings on your friend’s “paws” before the ceremony. Preferably, you should have someone “hand down” the rings right before the moment the pup has to walk down the aisle.
  • It is very important that you choose a dog wedding ring carrier. Such as a pouch or a wedding ring box your pup will not be able to “play” with and which doesn’t have any holes in it. Also, it is very important that you rehearse the “walking down the aisle” moment with your dog, so that you can be 100% certain everything is in order and that your puppy knows what he should do at your wedding.

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Photo source: / Ryan G. Smith

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