How to Keep Your Wedding Lively and Fun

As Denver’s premier indoor and outdoor venue, trust us to know exactly how a fun wedding goes and how to host one. When it comes to fun weddings, you do not only want your guests to have fun, you as a couple should enjoy your wedding too. So how do you keep all 250 (more or less) people who have come to celebrate your union happy for a day and possibly the evening too? Here are a couple of tips that could help from us here at Stonebrook Manor.

How to Keep Your Wedding Lively and Fun

  • Keep Your Guests Comfortable

Discomfort is a big enemy of fun. If your wedding guests are uncomfortable, all the other things you’ve put in place to make your wedding fun will fall flat. For example, let’s talk about the weather. If the place is too hot and your guests are sweating, you can see how that would have a dampening effect on your wedding mood. For cold weather, freezing guests won’t be much fun either. Put things in place like fans, cold drinks or warm drinks and blankets depending on which are necessary, to help increase your guest’s comforts.

  • Keep the Party Moving

Sitting around and doing nothing while waiting is a buzz kill, don’t you agree? Dead air between songs is a no-no. Work with your planner to ensure that all things happen and move at the right pace and time. Food time is not the time for dance music and when guests are ready to hit the dancefloor, make sure your DJ or band knows to do things to reflect that.

  • Keep Your Guests Dancing

The more dancing there is at your wedding, the more fun it will be. A great way to have a fun wedding is to make sure that there is lots of dancing involved.

  • Make Sure the Food Is Enough

A fed guest is a happy guest. God forbid food runs out at your wedding! Liaise with your caterer to make sure that the food provided is enough.

  • Offer A Late-Night Snack

This new culture is proving to be very useful to guests especially if they’ve spent quite a while on the dancefloor. Keeping in line with the previous point, keep them fed to keep them happy.

Another important tip is to choose a fun location and we have just that here at Stonebrook Manor. We’re easily accessible to a lot of areas and would love to help make your dream wedding come true. Call us today. We’d be glad to hear from you.

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