How to Write Amazing and Romantic Wedding Vows

One thing you should not overlook as a couple is the writing of your wedding vows. If you’ve chosen to personalize your vows by writing them, this is a great opportunity to bring honesty and romance into what will be one of the most amazing moments of your life. We are a top-notch wedding venue for Denver and its environs here at Stonebrook Manor, so we’ve played host to amazing weddings and heard some of the best vows. How then do couples write amazing vows? Read on to get some tips from us.


How to Write Amazing and Romantic Wedding Vows

  • Tip 1

Ask yourself some questions and answer them in writing. This won’t be your final vow, but it will help you gather ideas and overcome the writer’s block lots of people experience when they see a blank paper before them.

  • Tip 2

Put on paper too, the things that make your relationship special and stand out. Every relationship is special and stands out, so capturing the peculiarities of yours is a great way to paint the backdrop of your wedding vows.

  • Tip 3

Touch on the plans for your future as a couple. Where do you think you both will be in 5, 10 or 50 years? You don’t have to write out the details, but since your wedding vows are part of the foundation of your future marriage. This is an important part.

  • Tip 4

What are your promises? Your promises in your wedding vows should be special and particular to your relationship as possible. Keep your promises realistic and simple rather than vague and fairytale-like. You don’t want to start your marriage on a bed of lies.

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