How White Wedding Dresses Came To Be

White wedding dresses weren’t the norm for a long time, as they are now. The switch from various colors to white isn’t even quite as old as marriage tradition.

In the basic sense, white dresses were associated with mourning, and brides had various other colors to choose their dresses.

However, Queen Victoria, as with a few different aspects concerning a wedding, has quite a bit to contribute to the white wedding dresses for the bride. Nonetheless, here are the reasons why brides wear white dresses on their wedding day.


How White Wedding Dresses Came To Be


  • Queen Victoria, Again

At Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert in 1840, she had preferred to go with a white gown made of Spitalfields silk. She wanted to wear this to show off the thick frill of  Honiton lace from the British lace industry.

The media outlets at the time, however scanty, made a massive fuss about her wedding dress that it became a trend. Brides thus looked to her dress for inspiration and style for theirs.

Of course, other ladies have worn white dresses for their weddings long before Queen Victoria. An example is Princess Pip and Mary Stuart. Still, none has entirely made the kind of statement Queen Victoria’s gown made.



  • The Color ‘White’

After Queen Victoria’s dress made waves, most religious people started attaching meanings to the white color.

It was believed to represent purity, virginity, and virtue, mainly as it associates with girlhood. Even to date, most ladies will not go with any other color for a wedding dress.

Also, and before Queen Victoria’s trend, white represented wealth. It was worn to occasions by ladies to show the type of families from where they came.


In recent times, brides are going diverse and creative with colors, especially regarding their wedding dresses. Whatever color or style of dress you prefer for your big day, we’ll be more than happy to help make your dream wedding come true! How can we do that?

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