Ideas For An Eco-friendly Wedding

Weddings are great, but couples can contribute to practices that aren’t friendly to the environment in the process—for example, the excessive disposal of flowers and leftover food after the wedding.

You can have an eco-friendly wedding, and planning it isn’t any more challenging than planning a non-eco-friendly wedding is. There are plenty of ideas that are helpful and sustainable for planning a green wedding. Some are listed below!


Ideas For An Eco-friendly Wedding


  • The Great Outdoors

Having an outdoor wedding entails using the picturesque and unique backdrops that nature provides. And you’ll be saving the environment while you do this. How?

For example, you may decide to save energy by skipping artificial lighting options and enjoying the warmth of the sun. Sunshine will provide all the lighting you need, and it will also give you incredible pictures!


  • Use An In-Built Decor

One way to cut down on waste from wedding decorations is to use venue structures that can fit right into your wedding theme. This way, you’re not only saving money but also saving the environment.

So, when you’re looking to select a venue, look for one that offers spaces or locations with inbuilt decorations.


  • Don’t Throw Out Decor After Use

Don’t throw your decor items out after use. Instead, recycle, reuse, or donate them. You can give the décor items to friends or acquaintances who are looking to be married soon.

Suppose you’re wondering how to go about with the donation. In that case, several organizations will help pick your used decoration items and donate them to senior centers, hospitals, and homeless shelters.


Having an eco-friendly wedding requires the right venue that will complement your ideas. Stonebrook Manor gives you excellent venue services we know you’ll love!

Our natural backdrops are perfect for beautiful wedding photos that will remain with you forever. We can’t wait to help you enjoy the most important day in your life! Contact us today.

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