Include These Ideas into Your Wedding and Your Guests Will Have Tons of Fun!

Your wedding deserves to be nothing less than amazing – the kind of wedding everyone will remember not just one month from now, but a decade from now as well.

While your dress, the décor, and sentimental details do matter a lot, it is also very important to make sure your entertainment is right on point as well.

Aside from music, what other fun ideas can you include in your Big Day?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Include These Ideas into Your Wedding and Your Guests Will Have Tons of Fun!

  • Create a cake buffet. Aside from your main cake, ask your mothers and your closest friends to bake their favorite cake and bring it to the wedding. Doing this will not only give everyone a wide range of options to choose from, but it will also make your closest relatives and friends feel more involved in the wedding. Plus, this can be a really sentimental idea as well – so it’s a real win-win on all ends.
  • Create a ballroom dance moment. If you want your wedding to feel grand and elegant, but not necessarily want to dance alone, invite all the couples to waltz off into the sound of music with you. It can create such a nice, romantic moment – and it will definitely make everyone feel really involved in the Big Day!
  • Bring in singing waiters. Want to add a really fun moment to your dinner? Hire a band of singing waiters – one minute they will be serving the delicious foods and the second one they will be singing a nice ballad to make your dinner feel even better. This is a nice surprise for guests of all ages, so everyone’s bound to appreciate it!
  • Organize a mini karaoke party. Why not make the guests themselves sing? Karaoke parties have a special charm of their own and they are always really fun – so organizing a short contest to see who’s voted the best singer in the room is bound to attract everyone. Don’t forget to offer a small prize as well!


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