Is a Bouquet Toss Absolutely Necessary?

Whether or not most wedding traditions should be followed is a discussion that’s been going on for quite some time now – and the only conclusion we all reach is that it depends.

It depends on whether or not those traditions are meant to protect you and your guests from feeling offended. And, at the end of the day, it depends on whether or not you actually like them.

For instance, is a bouquet toss actually necessary? Everyone’s doing it – but should you do it too?

Here are some tips to help you decide!

Is a Bouquet Toss Absolutely Necessary?

  • This tradition originated in England, where wedding guests tried to get a piece of the bride’s attire with them, in hope that it will bring them good luck. Sometimes, this meant tearing flowers off her bouquet, but sometimes it actually meant tearing small pieces of her wedding dress.
  • These days, the tradition has mostly lost its meaning. Of course, the bouquet is tossed for good luck in love – but generally, most people just do it for the fun of it. And it is quite fun! This kind of moment can bring energy to your dance floor and it can generate a good amount of laughter and smiles – which is actually absolutely perfect.
  • However, if you feel that this kind of wedding moment doesn’t suit your style, or if you feel that the ladies you call out might feel awkward (precisely because you call out the single ladies), you can definitely skip this tradition. Only about a half of the brides and grooms choose to incorporate this in their wedding – and if you have your motivation, you can absolutely leave this custom aside. Nobody will actually mind it!
  • If you want to replace the traditional bouquet toss, you can go the opposite way and call out someone who has been in a relationship/ married for a long time and hand them down your bouquet. You can do this with the most elderly couple at your wedding, for instance – it’s such a nice way to honor their love story!


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