Keep in Mind These Digital Wedding Etiquette Rules

Your digital presence is serious business – after all, even large companies use Facebook to gain a powerful insight into their candidates’ personality. Yes, your engagement, wedding and wedding planning should be treated with all seriousness, even in the online world. But what are the newly-emerged wedding etiquette rules for the digital brides and grooms? We have gathered some of the most important ones right below – so read on and find out more.

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  • Keep it positive. Sure, it may be frustrating that your favorite blooms are not available in a three-state radius, and it may be downright depressing that you haven’t found the right wedding gown yet. However, your Facebook and Twitter profiles are not the places to complain about this. The people in your friends list don’t want to see a Bridezilla in their NewsFeed every time they refresh their page.
  • Keep it smart. Want to share a picture of the engagement ring as soon as you spell out “Yes”? Think twice before doing this. Do you really want that annoying work colleague to find out the good news before your mother and your best friend do? Give them a call firs – then, post your engagement ring picture.
  • Keep it safe. The price of the ring, the value, the rarity, and any other “gritty details” are not to be shared online. You can talk about these things to your best friends, but sharing this kind of information online makes you a target for all sort of malevolent “third parties”. Plus, it’s rather distasteful to shout out the price of such an emotional moment in your life.


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