Keep Your Guests Happy by Avoiding These

As much as your wedding is your big day and is all about you, keeping your guests happy is also essential. A memorable wedding is made even more so by the joy and laughter that you share with your loved ones on that day. We love a happy couple and happy guests here at our location in Colorado, so browse through and apply these tips from us on things to avoid if you want to keep your guests happy at your wedding.

Keep Your Guests Happy by Avoiding These

  • Poor Seating Arrangements

Compiling a seating arrangement chat for your wedding can be quite tasking and difficult. It is, however, necessary and you should pay attention to the spacing between the tables too. You do not want guests bumping into each other as they try to navigate to their seats and those who do not get along should be seated as far away from each other as possible.

  • A Long Ceremony

You do not want your guests to become bored and restless so try to keep your ceremony short. The same goes for toasts and speeches. Give a time frame for them and make sure whoever is carrying out MC duties makes them keep to time.

  • Bad Food Or Food Runs Out

This is a total no-no. Make use of your rsvp cards to get your guest’s dietary requirements and notify your caterer well ahead of time. Also, work with them to ensure that you have enough food for everyone. There is nothing as embarrassing as running out of food at your wedding.

  • Lack Of Directions

Even when your location is popular and well known, it is still advisable to give directions to your event. A mini-map or piece of paper containing directions goes one step further in ensuring a smooth, happy wedding.

  • An Inconvenient Location

A location that is convenient for your guests to get to without much confusion is a great way to keep your guests happy. You do not want them having to stop at too many places to ask for directions or having to look through a confusing map and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

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