Little Changes that Will Help Your Wedding Budget Stay on Track

Like it or not, weddings do come at a pretty hefty price – but with attention to detail and determination, you can actually end up creating a beautiful wedding even when your budget isn’t the most generous one.

What are some small changes you can make that will actually affect your wedding budget for the better?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Little Changes that Will Help Your Wedding Budget Stay on Track

  • Buy a sample sale or a gently worn wedding gown. Although it might feel that a dress made for your specific body measurements by a professional bridal seamstress will be better, this is not always the case – not when you’re trying to save money, at least. Sample sale gowns come at very good prices and the same goes for gently worn gowns as well – and you can get an actual designer piece for a fraction of the money you’d pay for it normally.
  • Skip the large bridal party. Although bridesmaids and groomsmen pay for most of their attire, you will still have to ensure some things for them – such as boutonnieres, bouquets, and, of course, gifts. Unless you have a lot of close friends you absolutely want to include in the wedding party, it’s probably better for your budget to keep it small when it comes to the bridal entourage.
  • Swap the expensive flowers. Some blooms tend to be more popular with brides than others – but that doesn’t mean they’re the best cost-savvy option. Take peonies, for example – they look very beautiful and they are more than bridal worthy, but they cost a lot more than garden roses, which can actually look equally stunning in the hands of a skilled florist who knows how to make them shine.
  • Pricy vases for your flowers. Those stunning rose gold and copper vases look really pretty – but have you ever considered buying cheap ones and spray-painting them? It might take a couple of mistakes until you nail this, but with a little ambition and some help from your bridesmaids, you can definitely pull it off for a much smaller price.


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