Lovely Glam Engagement Outfit Ideas

Glam and all things beautiful: that’s what we need to define this kind of outfit. You can infuse your personality into the outfit, but it will always be elegant and modern. If you need a little help with this, the ideas below should be a great starting point!


Lovely Glam Engagement Outfit Ideas


  • What Should I Wear for An Engagement Shoot?

Today’s trends go from very casual looks to sexy dresses, so there’s a healthy mix of options you can choose from.

Here are some suggestions on how to dress according to the type of look you want to create: For casual + sporty or something chicer, you can wear jeans, a crop top, and a jacket.

You can also wear a short skirt and an elegant blouse. What about a cute maxi dress with flat sandals and oversized sunglasses? A sexy cocktail dress with sky-high heels is another option brides like.

If you’re aiming for a romantic or classic look, we recommend a floral dress, pastel colors, and kitten heels. But, of course, classic or traditional colors are always a good idea for this outfit. Although every color goes, you have to remember that the most flattering ones are those lighter than your skin tone with undertones similar to your own.


  • What Shoes Should I Wear for An Engagement Shoot?

Again, it depends on the look you want to go for. Wear leather flats, neon-colored sneakers, or printed pumps for a sporty look.

You can also go for some elegant sandals in the same color scheme as your outfit: nude pumps, metallic sandals, or wooden-heeled ankle boots (with miniskirts and shorts).

Tanned skin is the ideal complexion during the summer months. Show it off by wearing light clothes that suit your skin tone, like pastels or nude colors.

If you want to add some color to your outfit, go for a bright pink blazer and white pants. A mint green shirt and beige skirt or a pale blue blouse and white shorts will look lovely too.

There’s nothing wrong if you want to add a bit of drama to the outfit by wearing some statement pieces like oversized sunglasses, a statement necklace with a classy dress, or a wide-brimmed hat.


  • What Accessories Should I Wear for An Engagement Shoot?

Although some accessories are always a good idea for any outfit, those you have to go for have to have an elegant and refined touch.

If you want your look to be sophisticated or more casual, wear great dark sunglasses that match the color scheme of the engagement outfit or jeweled statement necklaces. Shoes with minimalistic designs (little heels) also mesh well with this look. A leather bracelet or boho-inspired bracelets are an excellent addition too. The main rule is not to overload yourself with accessories because it will ruin the look.

If you choose the chic option, make sure there’s something special about it, like metallic colors or unusual prints like flowers. On the other hand, if you are looking for casual outfit inspiration, you can try some combinations with chunky sweaters, printed pants, and flats.


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