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Wedding Planning before the Engagement?

Let’s face it: for most couples, the engagement doesn’t come as an actual 100% surprise. You may not know the time, the style of the ring, or even the place where your engagement might happen, but you do know that it’s coming.

Under these circumstances, it is perfectly fine to start planning the wedding before the engagement – because why not save some time and set some basics straight before the ring is on your finger?

Here are some of the wedding planning tasks you can definitely plan before the big YES.

  • The wedding style. This can be a casual conversation on how your wedding should be like. Will it be a very elegant event, or maybe a very casual one? Maybe you even have an attire style in mind – for instance, you may have always pictured yourself wearing a long train, and he might have pictured himself wearing a very elegant tuxedo. These talks are more than fine to tackle before he even proposes, so don’t hesitate to do it.
  • The size. Some people want small weddings because they are more intimate. Others, on the other hand, want everyone they know and love to be there for them on the Big Day. Both options are more than fine – and everything in between is excellent too. It is important to talk about this with your future spouse, though – it’s the kind of discussion that lies at the foundation of your wedding planning and which should happen as soon as possible (which is precisely why you can talk about it before you even get engaged).
  • The date. You might not be able to set the actual wedding date yet (you need to book a wedding venue to make sure your date sticks first). However, you can broadly discuss when you want to get married. It could be just the season (if you’re keen on a particular season), or it could be a broad date around an event you both care about (your anniversary, one of your birthdays, and so on).


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4 Tips for Flawless Bridal Skin

All brides want to look stunning on their wedding day. And while the definition of “stunning” might differ from one bride to another, there are some things universally true when it comes to bridal beauty.

For instance, flawless, glowing skin is something all brides want, regardless of their wedding style, size, or location.

What are some of the best ways to make sure you achieve that? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • It all starts from within. Beautiful skin is related to the products you use on it – but it always starts from within. Namely, eating a balanced diet and keeping yourself hydrated can work actual miracles on your skin, no matter what type it may be. Your skin reflects what you put in your body on a daily basis –be good to your body and your skin will be good to you.
  • You can get the most expensive cleansers in the world, but if you don’t exfoliate your skin to help it get rid of the all the dead cells and particles that gather in it throughout the day, it won’t have much effect. Our suggestion is for you to use a very good exfoliator (perhaps something based on glycolic acid or salicylic acid) – it can make the entire difference in the world.
  • No matter what skin type you may have, moisturizing it is absolutely crucial. We’d suggest to splurge on a moisturizer of the highest quality – the better the formula is, the better it will penetrate the skin and moisturize it in depth.
  • Use sunscreen. You may think that slight bronze you get on your skin when you stay out in the sun looks great – but it can damage your skin so much! Wearing sunscreen (or some sort of moisturizer or foundation that includes sunscreen in it) is absolutely crucial if you want to have beautiful skin.
  • Get a professional treatment. A dermatologist or a cosmetologist can help you achieve the flawless skin of your dreams. Yes, it does cost more, but it will be worth every single penny!


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Wedding Food Trends that Will Be Very Popular in 2019

There are a lot of things that make weddings unforgettable – and food is by far, one of the single most important ones (both from the point of view of the couple and from that of their guests).

Of course, food should be first and foremost delicious and not so much trendy. However, looking at wedding trends can inspire you to create a very special event – the kind people will not forget very soon.

What are some of the food trends that will dominate the wedding world

next year in 2019?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • More food trucks parked in front of wedding venues. Want to fuel your guests with a fun late night snack? Well, a food truck will give everyone a very festive vibe while allowing them to grab a snack that tastes amazing and foes straight to their souls. The food truck trend has been around for a couple of years already – and in 2019, it will attract even more people towards it!
  • Hors d’oeuvres stations. People love DIY stations because they give them the opportunity to make their own food combinations. It’s food and entertainment rolled in one micro-event at your wedding – the kind people are bound to love.
  • Mocktails, a lot of mocktails. Cocktails will never grow old at special events like weddings – but if you want to delight your non-alcoholic guests, mocktails are your best bet. Our advice is to serve at least one or two mocktails for the little ones and wedding guests who just want to stay sober. There are so many amazing mocktails you can make that you will surely find something to really suit your wedding style.
  • Foods in bowls. This includes everything from fresh salads to Chinese noodles – the point is that in 2019, more and more couples will leave the fancy china on their shelves and opt for dishes that can be easily served (and eaten) in bowls. The great news? People just love these kinds of foods because there isn’t much fuss associated with eating these delicious dishes.


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These Questions Will Help You Write Your Wedding Vows

If you have decided to write your own wedding vows, you want to make them truly one of a kind. After all, these vows are the very foundation of your future marriage – so it makes all the sense in the world to actually put some work into creating wedding vows that are sweet, romantic, and deeply meaningful too.

What are some of the questions you should ask yourselves before you even start writing your wedding vows? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • What are some of the elements that make your love story truly special? Every relationship is unique in its own way – so bring that into your wedding vows. It may be the way you met, the way you were proposed to, or anything else that makes your love story stand out.
  • What does your SO really, really need – what’s the one element of your relationship they couldn’t live without? Wedding vows are as much about the existing relationship as they are about building up on that. Bring into your wedding vows the element(s) you know that will make your partner happy. Promise them to make them laugh if you know they appreciate sense of humor more than anything. Promise them to be their support if you know they appreciate this more than anything. Promise them to be exactly what they need.
  • What about you? What do you think you could do better? How about making this a vow to your future spouse and to yourself? What do you vow to become better at in your relationship? Bettering yourselves should be a quintessential element of your future marriage!
  • How do you imagine your future? Some imagine a life of traveling and adventure. Others imagine growing old together and pushing the cart around the supermarket together. Paint a pretty picture of where you see yourselves 10, 20, and 50 years from now. Looking into the future will bring hope into your eyes and emotion into your wedding ceremony space – people will absolutely love it!


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Gorgeous Wedding Cake Ideas for Fall

Your wedding cake will be a real centerpiece of your Big Day. Beyond the fact that everyone will be looking forward to getting a slice of that delicious dessert, your wedding cake is also a quintessential component of the wedding décor – and even more than that, a truly powerful symbol of the commitment you have just made to each other. Your guest will mingle around the cake throughout your reception admiring it until it’s finally served.

What are some gorgeous wedding cake ideas for fall, though? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • A small white cake with a beautiful arrangement of seasonal flowers. If you plan on having a smaller wedding, there’s absolutely no need to serve a multi-tiered wedding cake – you can serve one or two smaller cakes. Decorate them with seasonal flowers in abundance to create a sense of fall that guests will really love.
  • An ombre cake with deep red flowers. A cake with just a tint of fading color on the base tier will look fantastic on its own – but when you add fresh flower arrangements created with deep red blooms, you will raise your wedding cake to the state of art (a fall-inspired piece of art, for that matter)! It’s impossible not to love this kind of design for your wedding cake.
  • A black wedding cake. If you want to be really daring with your wedding cake, why not have it in black? Highlight it with vibrant fall-inspired colors and decorate it with green and red foliage to create a piece that pertains to fall as much as the layer of golden leaves pertains to it. This kind of wedding cake is bound to surprise everyone attending your Big Day!
  • A white minimalist wedding cake. How about a tall white cake decorated with just a couple of blooms in a seasonal color (such as yellow, red, or even purple)? If you aim to create a minimalist, yet ultra-elegant effect at your wedding, this kind of cake will be more than suitable.
  • Custom figurines. Personalization is very popular these days, and some couples are having custom figurines of themselves (and their pets too!) crafted and hand painted for the top of their cakes.  These figurines can be made from wood, fondant, or even 3D printed.

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Did You Know These Bridal Registry Tips?

Creating a wedding registry is one of the first steps to make towards planning the Big Day – some even advise brides to create their registries before the engagement party, so yes, it’s a pretty big element of the first phase of wedding planning.

What are some of the most important bridal registry tips to keep in mind, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Try to only register for items you actually need and which you will actually use. It’s easy to go overboard on this and add all sorts of extravagant items to your wedding registry – but keep in mind that those on the other end of the pole are your friends and family. You want to make it easy for them to offer a gift and feel good about it – you don’t want the entire shopping experience to be a chore for them.
  • Everyone seems to add china to their wedding registry – so a lot of you might feel obliged to include such an item as well. However, unless you really want a particular set, you should absolutely consider the option of skipping the china. If you’re only going to use it a couple of times, why ask anyone to pay for it? Replace it, instead, with something you will actually need for your newlyweds’ house.
  • Be realistic about everything. On the one hand, be realistic about how much guests can afford spending on a gift and provide them with a generous range of options to choose from. On the other hand, be realistic about what you actually need (now or in the near future) – don’t include items just because you dream of the elements they will go perfectly with.
  • If you have everything, feel free to create a wedding registry that only includes honeymoon experiences. Or simply ask guests to donate to a good cause. There’s no need to request for anything for the home if you already have everything you want and need (which might be particularly true for those of you who have already been living together for a while).


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Adorably Fun Ideas for Your Big Day in Denver

Nothing beats a good wedding – and, as people who’ve helped hosting hundreds of them, we know this better than anyone.

We also know that beyond all the wedding color schemes and trends, weddings truly come down to one secret, magical element: fun.

The more fun your guests will have, the better you will fee, and the most positive you will feel about your memories of your Denver wedding.

What are some adorably fun Denver wedding ideas you can definitely incorporate into your Big Day? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Ribbon wands. Not very sure about confetti, rice, flower petals, or anything in between? Why not add a dash of magic to your wedding ceremony by asking guests to wave ribbon wands as you make your grand exit? They are less messy, but so childish and fun to play with! Oh, and they look pretty amazing in the photos too!
  • Toss the garter… and something else. If you want to add just a touch of personality to your garter toss, why not wrap it around a ball – such as one that represents your spouse’s favorite sport, for example? Tossing this for the big moment will be quite fun!
  • Use the daily newspaper for your wedding rings photo. This might sound silly, but many years from now, that newspaper will add a really nice touch to your wedding photos – a historical mark, if you may.
  • Instead of wedding favors, why not give guests a hangover kit? It could include some Advil pills, Alka-Seitzer, gum, hair tie, and maybe even a nice snack that is known to help in such dreadful situations (e.g. dates, for example).
  • Give your bridesmaids quirky handkerchiefs embroidered with a funny message (such as “No Ugly Crying”, for example). It’s not something huge, but it is bound to make them smile – and we all know bridesmaids and groomsmen are the heart of your big party, so you definitely want to make them feel excellent on the Big Day. The more they smile, the better your guests will feel!


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4 Tips to Help You Throw the Perfect Budget-Friendly Bridal Shower

If you have been delegated to plan your friend’s bridal shower in Denver, you want to make sure this is a party she’ll never forget. However, as we all know it, weddings and pre-wedding events can be quite financially straining for bridesmaids – so you might also want to take a budget-friendly event into consideration.

Can you pull that off without compromising on the beauty of the moment?

Yes, and we have gathered some tips to help you with this. Read on and find out more.

  • Write it down. Don’t just think of what would be a feasible budget – write it down and split it according to the various expenses you will have to cover (space, décor, entertainment, food, and so on). Where do you draw the line? How much can each bridesmaid afford to spend? Consider these things and put them down on paper.
  • Don’t do it alone. Just because you’re the Maid of Honor (or just because you have been assigned with this task), it doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone. On the contrary, getting another friend to chip in you will make everything better – it will lower the stress and help you make sure no detail is missed.
  • Go the DIY route with the décor. You don’t have to go too over the top on this, and you definitely don’t have to spend a lot of time on it. You could, for example, buy bulk flowers and arrange them in vases on your own. You could also hunt for dollar store items you can incorporate in the décor (balloons, for example). Pinterest is a great source of inspiration when it comes to this – so check it out and see which of the ideas will be suitable for your friend.
  • Free printables. Your invitations, the day-of stationery, and even fun shower games can all be found online, completely free of charge. Google it up a bit and make a selection of the best ideas, then print them out. Since bridal showers are low-key events, this is a most appropriate kind of entertainment to include in the plan!


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These Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Are Superb

Although a lot of brides settle on the idea of a spring or summer wedding, fall weddings are quite popular too – and truthfully, you have PLENTY of reasons to love the idea. The romantic colors, the beautiful melancholy, the poetry of the season – they can all complement your Big Day and make it even more special than it already is “by nature”.

If you are a fall bride in Denver, you definitely want to decorate your wedding in the most beautiful way possible. But what are some of the most gorgeous and inspiring fall wedding centerpiece and tablescape ideas out there?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Fall is all about pumpkin décor – but that doesn’t mean that you should ornate your wedding tables with Jack-o-Lanterns (although, of course, you can do this if you want to). If you want to create a budget friendly décor for your tables and include pumpkins, simply layer them with greenery (such as eucalyptus, for example). Doing this will create the most amazing effect!
  • Blush and wood. Fall wedding color schemes don’t have to fall (pardon the pun) within the classic combinations (red, yellow, dark brown, and so on). In fact, you can actually create an ultra-feminine and sweet color scheme by bringing together natural wooden pieces with blush details (flowers, napkins, and so on). This will be more than appropriate for fall, but it will also look really special and romantic too!
  • White and green…fall version. White and green wedding décor has been really popular for the last couple of summers – but how about bringing this classic up to par with the season outside? Simply including some dark red foliage in your white and green centerpieces can turn make them look a lot more fall-friendly – and it will add a true dash of uniqueness to the décor too!
  • Fruity centerpieces. Among many other amazing things, fall is the harvest season – and this means there’s an abundance of fruit everywhere. Why not bring this into your table décor too? Including a couple of apples and/or pears in the centerpieces will bring them to life and it will help you coordinate the décor with the season outside.


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How Should You Arrange an Uneven Wedding Party?

 Your wedding is yours and nobody should tell you whether or not you can have a certain number of groomsmen and bridesmaids. After all, you want your closest friends and relatives to be part of your wedding party – and numbers shouldn’t be a criterion of selection in any way.

How to arrange an uneven wedding party, though? How to make sure that, even if you don’t have the same number of groomsmen and bridesmaids, they all look really great together? We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

• When your wedding party walks down the aisle, you have two options. You can either send all the groomsmen in at once (followed by all the bridesmaids), or you can alternate one groomsman with one bridesmaid until they all reach the altar.

• If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can also send the bridesmaids and groomsmen in pairs and have one or two last groups made out of three people (one bridesmaid and two groomsmen, for example). Regardless of what you choose, make sure to use the same rules for the recessional too.

• As for the moment your wedding party members take their places at the altar, you can either alternate one groomsman and one bridesmaid or you can have them all seated on nice chairs or ottomans near the altar (which will make it less “visible” that their numbers are uneven).

• Last, but not least, make sure to talk to your photographer about this. A great photographer will know how to arrange an uneven wedding party for the photos, but you might want to discuss things first and make it clear how “formal” or “informal” you want these pictures to look.

Stunning and marvelously elegant, Stonebrook Manor is one of the best wedding venues in Denver – so if you are searching for a special spot for your Big Day, you should definitely give us a call! You will love what our venue offers!


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