Non-Traditional Reasons Couples Get Married

Why do people get married? Many people choose to tie the knot simply because it’s expected of them. But this isn’t always the case. There are other reasons couples get married that you may not be all too familiar with. Here are some non-traditional but valid reasons for tying the knot.


Non-Traditional Reasons Couples Get Married


  • For Legal Benefits

Not every person can get married for government benefits or financial gain. However, some couples wish to get married for these reasons.

In the US, same-sex couples can claim some of the benefits of marriage by being registered as domestic partners.

This is important because certain government agencies will not recognize a civil union or same-sex cohabitation as a marriage substitute.

Marriage also gives couples access to many more governmental and financial benefits. For example, individuals can claim a tax deduction for their spouse in the US, which is impossible when claiming deductions for friends or roommates.

Couples may also file together or receive specific financial aid if one member has children from a previous relationship.


  • To Express Commitment to Another

Some people get married not because they feel it is the logical step in their relationship but because they want to express their commitment to another person.

This reason can be important for people who have been married before or are entering a polygamous union, where one partner may already be married to other people.

Openly showing commitment to another person might be necessary for individuals who can’t have children. While adoption is always available, some couples choose not to adopt because they do not wish to break up their family.

A divorce can cause tension in many families, especially if they have children together or one partner’s ex-spouse still lives with them.


As the years pass, the reasons couples get married keep evolving and yet, become more common. This is especially true with same-sex couples with no legal barriers to entering into a union.

While many choose to get married because they feel it is an important institution or they wish to express their love for another person, others enter into a legal contract for reasons that have nothing to do with love.

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