How Old Should Your Flower Girl Be?

Wedding etiquette can be quite confusing at times, especially since the rules have changed a lot in the past few years – and it can be difficult to understand which of the old-school “laws” are still followed.

For instance, what do you know about your flower girl and her age? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

How old should a flower girl be?

  • Your flower girl can be whoever you want to – the daughter of a friend, a cousin, a young sister who couldn’t be a bridesmaid because of her age, and so on. Moreover, boys can play the “flower boy” role too (same as girls can be ring bearers as well).
  • Moreover, you can choose to skip this tradition altogether. It is not mandatory to have a flower girl and not even a ring bearer. It’s all up to you and to the type of wedding you want to create for your love story.
  • As for the age itself, there’s literally no limit. From toddlers to grandmothers, your flower girl can be anyone. Again, this is the kind of element where you set the rules – you can have a very young flower girl that spreads joy with her adorable ways, or a dear grandmother who plays the flower “girl” role in a way that’s filled with beauty, humor, and elegance.
  • Remember, though: if you want to have a very young flower girl, you should collaborate with her parents and prepare her for the Big Day and for the role she has to play!

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