Pick a Wedding Cake that Suits Your Venue

For most couples, their wedding cake is more than just dessert – it’s an integral part of their wedding vibe, their wedding décor, and the meaningfulness behind every single choice connected to their Big Day.

If you too are that kind of bride and groom, you definitely want to make sure your wedding cake is fully coordinated with your wedding venue – and following, we have gathered some ideas on how you could do that. Read on and find out more.

Pick a Wedding Cake that Suits Your Venue

  • Vineyard venue. This type of weddings is quite popular with couples who want their wedding to feel sophisticated and perfectly casual at the same time. The best type of wedding cake for a vineyard wedding? A cake decorated with fresh fruit, of course! And if you want to be unconventional, you could always settle for a cheese tower instead (coordinated, of course, with the finest grapes and nuts).
  • Urban venue. Planning a wedding in the city? One of the best cakes you can choose for this type of wedding is the marble-patterned one. This was a pretty big trend in 2017 and 2018, but given how unique it looks, it’s bound to trespass the boundary between years and stay fashionable in 2019 as well. Truly, this kind of cake can win hearts in the blink of an eye!
  • Garden venue. Garden weddings may seem very far away – but the truth is that we’re only a few months away from the warm season, so if you’re planning a garden wedding for this spring or summer, you should definitely start thinking of the right cake. Our suggestion is a cake decorated with fresh greenery and/or flowers to suit the surroundings – you literally cannot go wrong with this!
  • Elegant venue. Planning an elegant wedding, in a venue that feels luxurious and high-end? Your cake should feel the same as well. Over the top décor and ultra-simple cakes work equally well here – but if you want to surprise your guests, why not settle on a chocolate wedding cake covered in flowers that match your wedding décor? They will definitely love it – because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love chocolate cake?


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