THIS Is How You Pick the Perfect Wedding Cake Design

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Your wedding cake design is really important because your wedding dessert is more like a décor centerpiece than a part of the wedding menu. Naturally, you will want this cake to look truly great – and coordinating with your wedding theme is very important when it comes to this.
How do you do it? Here are some ideas to help you pick the perfect wedding cake design:

• Fall-themed wedding. If you plan on having a luxurious fall wedding, opt for a cake dripping in gold. It looks classier than the all-too-common white cake covered in fondant yellow leaves, and it can be far more versatile than that as well. This is a simple, elegant design that will attract everyone’s appreciation!
• Wood-themed wedding. Planning a wedding in a wooden area? The perfect cake design is one that’s inspired by the very location of your Big Day, then! How about a chocolate wedding cake covered in lady fingers that imitate wooden logs? Guests will definitely line up for this one!
• Romantic wedding. Want to keep it old-school romantic at your wedding? A white tiered cake is precisely what you need. If you want to add something sweet and touchy to the cake’s design, ask your pastry chef to add a buttercream heart drawn on the side of the cake, somewhere halfway between the top tier and the bottom one. Adorable!
• Boho wedding. Buttercream cakes and boho-chic weddings work marvelously together! When you add greenery as décor for a simple cake, you will instantly add that natural, almost hippy vibe to it. Great idea for a couple who wants to keep it casual and stylish at the same time!

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