Planning A Multicultural Wedding That Everyone Will Enjoy


Weddings are absolutely amazing regardless of who is getting married. No matter what you and your future spouse’s gender, nationality, ethnicity, or culture may be, the very fact that love brought you together is enough reason to celebrate.

Planning a multicultural wedding that everyone will enjoy can be a challenge though – maybe even more so than a more “traditional” wedding. Yet, with enough attention to detail and dedication, it can be done – and it will be truly unforgettable!

How to do it? How to plan a multicultural wedding that everyone will love? And how to combine two cultures in a wedding? Here are some tips to keep in mind on multicultural wedding ideas:

  • Educate your families about each other’s cultures. This way, they will understand better why you want to include certain traditions in your weddings – and why you might want to skip others. Also, don’t forget to include some details in the ceremony programs as well – especially if you plan on including customs most of the guests may not be completely familiar with.
  • Talk to your officiant(s). Depending on what cultures you come from, you might need to book two officiants (and maybe even two completely different ceremony locations). Make sure you talk to your religious sites about multicultural wedding venues and see what options suit you best.
  • Don’t forget to bring elements from both of your cultures into your Big Day! Everything, from the food to the décor and from the drinks to cultural wedding dresses can be influenced by the cultures you come from. You can also include multicultural wedding vows. Bring all of your favorite elements together in a harmonious way and your wedding will be 100% unique!

Here at Stonebrook Manor, we are in love with weddings in all their forms – and our main goal is to make sure all brides and grooms who come to us are fully happy with how their Big Day turned out. Come visit our beautiful Denver wedding venue, book us for your wedding date and you will definitely not regret having chosen us!

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