Poinsettias as Decorations at Your Winter Wedding

If your winter wedding is around Christmas and you’ve decided to incorporate it into your wedding theme, then poinsettias are one of the decorations that you can’t go wrong with. To pull it off successfully, you need a beautiful location such as Stonebrook Manor and a bit of creativity and open-mindedness. We think that poinsettias could make a great addition to your wedding décor if done right, so here are some tips from us on the various ways that you can employ them as a part of your wedding décor in Denver.

Poinsettias as Decorations at Your Winter Wedding

  • As A Table Centerpiece

Poinsettias come in different colors and you can use ivory poinsettias to make beautiful centerpieces. Including green leaves and wintry-colored baubles should perfect the look especially if yours is a breakfast wedding.

  • Chair Décor

Leafy decorations to secure the back of your chair have never been out of place and coral poinsettias to go with the beautiful centerpieces mentioned above would do the trick. Just remember that chair décor looks better if they are scattered with fern-like sprigs rather than in huge clumps.

  • Long Table Settings

If you’re having long tables at your wedding reception then poinsettias can come in handy too. Set the poinsettias as long centerpieces and include twines and berries to make it gorgeous. The best look to go for here is rustic.

  • Lampshades

As part of your wedding décor, use poinsettias as lampshades around your venue especially if your wedding is vintage themed too. For this kind, you should go for poinsettias of the raspberry-colored variety and prop them up on barrels or wherever else you want the lampshade designs to go.

  • Living Favors

Lots of couples these days are giving away living favors instead of items that are probably tossed and forgotten by guests after the wedding. A pot of cultivated and beautifully arranged poinsettias for your guests to take home could be a wonderful and very much welcomed surprise.

Are you planning on holding your wedding at Thornton, Colorado, why not hold it at Stonebrook Manor? We’re a great venue for indoor and outdoor weddings and would love to host yours. Got more questions? Why not give us a call?

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