Predicted Trends for Weddings In 2022

The world’s economy in 2021 is still experiencing the change caused by the pandemic scare in 2020. Unfortunately, that means that the ripple effect might still linger until 2022, most likely affecting traveling schedules, venue policies, honeymoon, of course, weddings, etc.

Because new delta variants of the virus have emerged recently, wedding trends will be affected in 2022. While some communities will ensure that rules are followed, others may choose to ignore them. All of this and more have been considered while predicting some of the wedding trends for 2022.


Predicted Trends for Weddings In 2022


  • More Outdoor Weddings

According to the US Census, the number of outdoor weddings is rising in 2021; this follows a decline in certain regions’ mask limitations.

On the other hand, couples avoid these limits by choosing an outdoor wedding at a location with less stringent rules. Because of the natural beauty of nature, outdoor weddings are fantastic since they may help you save money and provide amazing pictures.


  • Dried Flowers and Greenery Décor Trends

Following the idea of outdoor weddings, dried flowers and greenery have become quite popular. Floral designs have been seen incorporating earthy tones with dried flowers. Also, floral bouquets with dried flowers always make a statement.

2022 weddings will be seeing lots of greenery and dried flower combinations, which may both be alternated to adorn walls or outdoor gazebos.

Dried flowers and greenery have grown in popularity following the outdoor wedding trend. Floral designs with earthy tones are taking over! And floral bouquets with dried flowers always make a statement, too, no matter what they’re made up of.

Greenery and dried flower combinations will be popular for 2022 weddings. They can both be used to adorn walls or outdoor gazebos


  • Intimate Weddings

In 2020, weddings were typically small, and couples thought that while technology may help them save money, it might also make the occasion feel crowded.

A platform like Zoom has made it possible for couples to “eat their cake and have it,” having as many witnesses as they choose while still keeping a private wedding with a few friends. This trend will also be seen among 2022 weddings!


You may decide to go with the wedding trends or personalize your wedding; either way, the right venue is your most important asset.

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