Rehearsal Dinner Rules That Can Be Broken

Certain wedding aspects require you to look up the etiquettes surrounding them. A rehearsal dinner is a perfect example of this. But also, as with most wedding traditions, the etiquettes surrounding rehearsal dinners shouldn’t be taken as rigid rules.

With some etiquette, you’ll be able to modify them to suit your tastes or preferences; they’re simply guidelines that are useful for weddings or, in this case, rehearsal dinners.

To get you started on some of the rules that you can tweak or break to either fit into your budget, personal style, or family dynamics, here are a few of them!


Rehearsal Dinner Rules That Can Be Broken


  • “It Should Be Formal”

A formal rehearsal dinner is terrific, but you may want to spice things up a bit, especially if you’re having a black-tie wedding.

While an organized rehearsal dinner isn’t for everyone, several fantastic ideas are available for a lovely and relaxing rehearsal dinner. The barefoot clambake or a potluck barbecue are two examples of this. A casual restaurant is also a unique idea for a less formal rehearsal dinner.


  • It Should Occur a Night to Your Wedding”

Traditionally, the night before a wedding has been used for rehearsal dinners. This isn’t the case any longer, however. So, while it is essential to have your rehearsal dinner as close to your wedding day as possible, you might consider having the rehearsal two nights before.

This will also leave room for you to meet with some guests who’ll be traveling long distances to your wedding. In addition, some snacks and drinks will be an excellent option for your out-of-town guests on the night before your wedding!


  • “It Is the Responsibility of The Groom’s Family to Host a Rehearsal Dinner”

With the bride’s family often hosting the wedding, the groom’s family is traditionally expected to host the rehearsal dinner.

Doing this helps split costs and gives each party a chance to host. But it isn’t a strict rule as the couple can host the dinner themselves or have either of the families take on the responsibility.


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