Rustic Halloween Wedding Ideas

Reception Tables decorated with red napkins | Stonebrook Manor Denver

Halloween and weddings  – now, that’s a combination not many would have said “Yes” to just a few decades ago. And yet, Halloween weddings are increasingly popular today – and honestly, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t love them too. Unique, exquisite, quirky, and tasteful Halloween weddings are full of personality and originality – and this is precisely what makes so many couples settle for the idea.

What are the best Halloween-themed wedding ideas decorations out there, though? Read here and find out more:

  • Pumpkins and wildflowers. Not many people associate fall with flowers at Halloween weddings– but the truth is that there are a lot of seasonal flowers that are absolutely gorgeous. Bring them together with pumpkins in floral arrangements that are unique and full of color and your guests will be delighted with the explosion of warmth and originality.
  • Pumpkin aisle. If you want to walk down the aisle in rustic style, don’t rule out the option of using pumpkin lanterns as your décor. Combine with fallen leaves, these wonderful handmade creations will add a personal touch to your big “I Do” and they will enlighten everyone in a unique, romantic way.
  • Pumpkin and apple pies. Halloween flavors will always be associated with childhood – so why wouldn’t you delight your guests with them too? Serve a variety of pumpkin and apple pies instead of the already-traditional candy bar (or even instead of the traditional tiered cake) and your wedding guests will be madly in love with the Halloween wedding gifts.

Here at Stonebrook Manor Event Center Gardens, we want you to have the most marvelous, unforgettable wedding there has ever been! Come visit our Denver wedding venue in person and you will be charmed with our elegance, grace and uniqueness – there’s simply no way not to love what we can offer for your Big Day!

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