Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers, Like a Pro

Your wedding flowers? Obviously, really important when it comes to creating just the right ambiance during the Big Day. Like it or not though, wedding flowers usually end up being one of the costliest wedding-related expenses – so what is there to do when you want to save some dollars and still get the stunning florals you want so much?

There are a lot of things you can do – and following, we have gathered some of the most important tips. Read on and find out more.

Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers, Like a Pro

  • The simpler, the better. Simplicity is not only the key of elegance, it is also the key to money saving decisions. Choose wedding arrangements and bouquets that keep it really simple, with one or two types of blooms and not much else – they will look absolutely amazing, they will save you a lot of money, and they will be easier to incorporate into the rest of the wedding décor too.
  • The greenery, the better. Did you know greenery is a huge, huge trend in 2018? We love it from so many points of view! Romantic, fresh and versatile, greenery is also one of the most cost-effective floral solutions for weddings – so yes, you too should love it!
  • The more seasonal, the better. Seasonal wedding flowers will ALWAYS be less expensive than off-season options. Moreover, local options will definitely lower your flower bill as well. Try to find seasonal and local solutions for your dream wedding flowers and you will win so much!
  • The venue? Definitely a big factor. Choosing a wedding venue that’s already decorated with flowers and which offers a nice landscape means you will have to spend less on bringing your own florals – so definitely do this if you have the option!


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